Happy Tails – Labrador Edition!

Good news! One of my photos of Gilly, the Labrador Retriever, is going to be featured on the inside cover of an upcoming book about labs! The book is one of a series of books published by Happy Tails Books and it’s called Lost Souls: FOUND Inspiring Stories About Labrador Retrievers. The other books in the series profile stories about Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, and Boston Terriers. And the best part?! Part of the profit from the book goes to Lab rescue groups!

Here is the photo that will be featured in the book. You may remember it from Gilly and her sister Divvy’s session late last spring, or you may have seen it on the back of some of my latest business cards.


SO, without further ado, I give you the book! If you order now, you can choose to either get $2 off the cover price, or donate double to Lab Rescue. Here’s the link: http://happytailsbooks.com/buy.htm#labrador.


And finally, I give you Gilly’s story, from her human mom, Susan. Susan- thank you so much for sharing this story with us. It reaffirms for me how and why dogs are so important to so many of our lives.

The year that she was born was very difficult for me. I lost my job, lost my unlce, lost my stepfather, and then lost my very special 13 1/2 year old yellow lab, named Bitsy. To put it mildly, I was a mess. Gilly is from the last litter of labs that my then 79 year old father was going to breed. Bitsy was from the first of his litters. I was there when Bitsy was born in 1991 and there when Gilly was born in 2005. Gilly was one of 7 puppies and I would swear to you that from the moment I saw her, I felt Bitsy’s presence in her. I knew that she would come with me immediately. From that moment on, I was back among the living, training her to become a canine good citizen and therapy dog and feeling like we, Gilly and I, had a purpose together. She was a lifesaver and to this day, I believe that while she is her own “person”, she embodies the spirit of my beloved Bitsy.

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