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Add it to the list: yet another thing that I love about being my own boss is having the ability to really take control of the impact that my company has on the environment. When I worked in an office and even as a high school English teacher, I used to go nutty seeing all of the paper in the trash can, right next to the darn recycling bin! I probably spent 15 minutes a day just pulling cans and paper out of the trash and putting it in the right bin. Because that was about all I could control as far as operations.

However, now, I’m love love loving being able to make “green” choices all the time. Immediately, when I established NMD Photography in August 2008, I knew that being environmentally responsible would be a big part of the company’s mission, obviously, because it is a key part inĀ  my own personal mission. And I was excited to find that a group already existed, specifically for photographers who wanted to green up their businesses! So I applied and was accepted. Awesome! (oops, I’m still listed under Massachusetts in the directory. Add that to the “to do” list to call them).


Anyway, I know that the environmental responsibility is a huge value to most of my clients, so I felt like it’d be a good time to assure you that when you book a session with me, you are having as little impact as possible on the Earth. Here are some things that I’ve been doing to green up my act. Any other ideas? Share share share, please : )

  • when sending out print orders to clients, I reuse the box that the prints arrived to me from the lab, by turning it inside out. This makes for a fresh box for you and one less box in the world.
  • I use re-chargable batteries in my flash, since each wedding would go through about 8-12 AA’s otherwise!
  • I print my promo material, contracts, etc on recycled paper. In the office when I’m printing anything for myself, I print on the back of paper that’s already been used once.
  • I offer a line of vegan and non-leather album fabrics along with the traditional leathers.
  • The proofbooks that come with my wedding packages are actually called “Eco Proofbooks” and they’re printed on 100% recycled paper.
  • I offer recycled paper and even wind powered paper options for my Press Printing materials (aka your birth announcements and thank you cards).
  • I work from my home studio, greatly reducing my carbon footprint.
  • The “stuff” in my home studio is as sustainable as possible: paint with no VOCs, repurposed library table for my desk, little kids’ chairs repainted from when I was a ‘lil one.
  • For dog sessions, I use local, healthy treats for the pups!
  • As you probably know, I drive the second smallest car on the road: the Toyota Yaris. This means I get 40 mpg which comes in handy for sessions out of town.
  • This one might seem obvious, but I shoot all digital, so all of those nasty chemicals from the days of film developing are long gone.

As soon as I publish this list and get on the bike at spin class, I know a million other ideas of things I’m already doing are going to come to me. Such is the rule. However, I am really interested in ideas that you all have to help me become even more responsible in my business. So c’mon, bring it on!

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