for the birds

oh. my. gosh.

So I had big plans for making Addison a cute little sandbox for the back patio. To keep things simple, as I’m wont to do lately, I decided to forgo the classic plastic turtle or enlisting hubs to build a giant DIY play box. My intention was a plastic tub, some play sand, and some toys.

Thank goodness I had just read Young House Love’s blogpost on sandboxes, or else I never would have thought to look for warnings of chemicals that cause cancer in some sandbox sand. Even I, ever ever skeptical label reader and chemical phobe, never thought of checking children’s sand for this junk. Turns out every single option of sand at our local big box store, even the ones labeled “Play Sand” with photos of kids on it, had some sort of cancer warning. My favorite said to always wear a mask when using this product.

Are you serious?!

For a while Addie and I walked around the store, brainstorming what else might fill her sandbox. We could have done small rocks, as YHL did, or search all over town for river or beach sand, or borrow sand from the beach. But she still sometimes slips little rocks into her mouth, and ehhh, rocks are everywhere for her to find, and I didn’t want to have to make one more stop, or steal anything just to make a sandbox. Then it hit me: BIRDSEED!

Yep, this summer A will be enjoying a seedbox. Bonus: the overflow (turns out she likes to splash in the seed and it does not stay contained in the box) will be taken care of by our feathered friends. (Also it feels sooo good to play with!)

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