Dover Doula

Wowser bowswers… having a baby, as most of you know, sure is a world rocker. While adding #2 was much less of an adjustment than the first, it sure has been a bit of a zoo around here. Between the two year old getting adjusted to dealing with what looks to be another colicky baby, to starting back to work much sooner than I expected, I’ve needed all hands on deck.

Enter Darcy, aka Dover Doula, aka Super Woman. 

Darcy is a post-partum doula. A what? I had never heard of such a thing until I met her when Addison was an infant at a playgroup that she facilitated. Back then she was a constant cheerleader for me while I endured a dairy / soy / egg free diet (more on that here, when I did a guest post on Darcy’s blog) and assured me that yes, some day, I would indeed sleep though the night again.

This time, knowing how much help I’d need, Darcy and I did a swaperoo– family photos for some visits after Lilah’s birth. She shows up at my door, walks in to my disaster of a house, and I’m suddenly able to 1) brush my teeth and shower 2) have a conversation with my toddler without being interrupted by crying baby, 3) bathe said baby, and 4) before I knew it my laundry was folded… and not by me! And ps she’s just about the nicest, least judgemental woman you’ll ever meet, so you won’t feel weird welcoming her into your home in your yoga pants and T shirt covered in spitup.

If you are going to have a baby soon, hire Darcy. If not, get a gift card for a friend. Extra arms and some company from someone who’s been there. It’s what every new mama needs!

  • June 14, 2013 - 1:05 pm

    Darcy - Aw, thanks, Nicole! It was a pleasure working with your wonderful family. I especially love Lilah’s face in the lower left pic. She’s a super advanced baby….already smiling!

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