Jackie & John {Maine Engagement Photographer}

My first memory of my little brother John: it was his first day home from the hospital. He was getting his diaper changed on his changing table and I was observing this new creature who had joined our family. I was almost seven and knew where babies came from, but it was hard to believe that he had grown from nothing inside our mom and then here he was. (Heck, it’s still a hard thing to believe, and I’ve grown two humans myself!).  I must have gotten caught up in my universe pondering as I gazed adoringly at little Johnny, becuase I was snapped back to reality when a little fountain caught my attention: he was peeing. Up, over the changing table, all over my coveted pink sweatshirt with cows skiing through puffy snow!  (Gosh I would love to find a photo of me in that sweatshirt!) I decided eventually to forgive him, once the pee was washed out and the world had returned to order.

Anyway, now John is now all grown up! And I couldn’t be a prouder obnoxious big sister. And I couldn’t be more excited that now we will have the smart, talented, beautiful Jackie in our family, officially. And I am quite sure that she will never pee on any of my clothes, even if they are tacky 80’s sweatshirts.

Love you both.

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