Dear Addison and Lilah,

On this gray November afternoon, among piles of stuff to clean and projects to do… I find  myself having to write to you. You girls who have made me a mother, who have made me a more patient, loving person than I ever knew I could be.

Lilah: This week you turned six months old. These were some of the longest, hardest months of our lives and yet… I wouldn’t trade a moment of that time. You are a true blessing, the missing piece from our family. You have a sweetness in your disposition that takes my breath away sometimes. In your eyes I see wisdom, calm, love. Day to day, your desire to move is unstoppable, and yes quite overwhelming at times. You are so driven to figure something out and work and work and work until you get it. It seemed like only 48 hours after you figured out crawling, you were on to working on standing, which is your current project. I joke that we are in big trouble as you get more and more on the move… but I love it. You are curious, excited and passionate and I love that about you.

In so many ways you are so different from your sister, whom you absolutely adore. You are more quiet,  more reserved, a sly little joker where Addie is the one to throw her head back and laugh (or cry!) with abandon. While I could put Addie in the jumparoo or the bumbo and she’d be content for a while… you will have none of it and will not be confined.

All three of us are already stronger, more flexible, kinder people since you’ve come into our world.

And Addie. My big girl. I feel like I just blinked and you went from a little toddling peanut to a child. You are simply stunning. Fiercely independent, insanely intelligent, you live life to the max. You are so witty, so creative, so brilliant. You have been so graceful, welcoming our little Lilah, crying and crying and crying for so long there, and for that I will always, always be grateful. To see you opening your world to her… it makes me melt. You are wise beyond your years and have a heart of gold.

It is an honor to be the mother of you both. I am grateful beyond grateful.

Time flies. It just flies. I feel like I really just met Megan and her lovely family out at Fort Stark, and now she is back in town and has a beautiful little baby boy. It sure was a brisk afternoon out at York Harbor, but William was a champ. So cute.

  • August 1, 2014 - 7:51 am

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